It is possible to recover debts even if the debtor resides in foreign countries!

Although in certain situations the process becomes more complicated and time consuming, you can always expect the very best results when turning to a professional for debt recovery. Debt recovery abroad is similar to that in our country – the only difference is that additional measures may have to be taken.

Process of debt recovery Abroad
  • Notification of the debtor: at first, notices are sent to the debtor about the concluded contract and the unfulfilled obligation (notifications are sent by registered letter, e-mail or to other known addresses) and calls are made for immediate repayment of existing debts (the customer is provided with information on notices sent to the debtor). If it is possible to contact the debtor, the possibilities of debt settlement are negotiated and an agreement on the course of debt settlement is concluded.

  • Partners around the world: if the debtor cannot be contacted or a debt settlement agreement cannot be reached, the customer is immediately provided with such information. In such a situation, the process of debt recovery can be transferred to partners abroad: we are part of the EOS cross border system, therefore we are able to ensure smooth debt recovery worldwide. We provide debt recovery not only from citizens of the Republic of Lithuania residing abroad, but also from citizens or legal entities of other countries.

As a privileged partner of the EOS group, we are part of a global network of debt recovery companies bringing together different countries, cultures and traditions. We follow the rules of the EOS Code of Conduct and the highest quality standards.

We are proud that most of our attempts to recover debts are successful: we have managed to recover as many as 95 percent of debts that are no older than 90 days. If you are in need to recover a debt from people living abroad, feel free to contact us – we will do our best to make sure that the debt recovery process is fast and smooth.