Register your debt and it will not be your problem anymore
Leave it to us
Fast and professional debt management
Understandable language
When communicating with a debtor, we always speak in a language they understand. We do not use pressure, threats or cold calls
Special pricing for companies , individually tailored to suit each client
Ouality control
We monitor, listen to and analyse our employees' communication with debtors
Continuous communication
We share information about the debt collection progress with the creditor at all times
Get back what's yours!
  • We will take care of your debts! By outsourcing debt management to us, the company does not need to have an additional employee for this function and the company saves its resources.
  • Professional and fast Debt management is handled by a team of professional and qualified lawyers with many years of experience in the field, so all processes will be handled quickly and efficiently.
  • Debt recovery wordwide! With the help of our international partners, we can collect debt anywhere in the world
  • No service charges! There are no additional charges for the service. A percentage is set at the time of signing the contract, one part of which goes to us and the other to the creditor.
Get back what's yours!